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NRG Trading

Results as of 31/03/09

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Trading results till the end of March.

I know I posted results yesterday but I will try to post results at the end of each month so each months performance is comparable.

Results would be very good if it wasn't for the first 4 trades, my trading has improved a fair bit since then luckily.
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Updated 6th-April-2009 at 12:28 AM by nomore4s

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  1. JTLP's Avatar
    Thanks for the results Nomore4s.

    Just a question...do you have stop losses and trailing stops in play? It looks like your losses are significantly larger in $$$ terms than your profits (which to me looks like no). At the start of your trades it looked like you cut profits short...towards the end though you made some nice gains (well done!)

    Also, what does the red mean when you highlight a certain share?


  2. kennas's Avatar
    Do you still need to take the fees out of that profit?

    And tax?
  3. nomore4s's Avatar
    JTC - the red trades are short trades.
    I run trailing stops and as the trade gets to a 1r winner I try to move the stop to b/e or thereabouts. Alot of those early trades with small profits are pretty much b/e trades or 0.5-1R winners as the market took out my stops.
    I don't want to let stocks that show a profit reverse and be closed out for a loss. I may miss some eventual winners by doing this but I protect my capital and I can always re-enter the trade.
    Market conditions had a bit to do with all those small winners as it was very difficult for swing trading, but as the market conditions have changed I've got some trades that have gone on with it and currently have some good open profits.

    To me it is all about protecting your capital and looking after the bad trades, the good trades that make your account tend to look after themselves.
    Updated 1st-April-2009 at 09:33 AM by nomore4s
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Kennas - All transaction costs have come out of the profits. The only other fees to come out of the profit are interest fees for my margin but for this blog I'm not going to be bothered with that as it will have a very small effect on the overall outcome.

    The profits are pre-tax.
  5. Wysiwyg's Avatar
    Just found this blog, had a looksy and it`s good to see you confidently trading Nomore 400`s.
  6. nomore4s's Avatar
    lol, thanks Wysiwyg, let's hope it continues
  7. peter2's Avatar
    You are building a good record NM. You must be quietly pleased with your results so far. I added today's prices in your open trade spreadsheet to see the latest results and your trading is improving. [ W% - 57%, AW/AL = 2 and growth on capital > 40% ]

    Have you started to increase your trade risk yet?
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    Thanks Peter.

    All the study and hard work is starting to pay off now, I have a system I feel very comfortable with - must continue to work hard though and stay consistent - especially through the next period of drawdown.

    I have increased my risk slightly to around 1.5%, but it will depend on the set up and the current market conditions as to whether I use 1% or 1.5%. Still not comfortable using 2%.
  9. peter2's Avatar
    Yes, you must trade in a consistent manner. The next challenge is to trade in the same way as your risk amounts increase. Btw staying at a comfortable fixed fraction (eg 1%) is preferable to a larger amount that may cause concern. I didn't know if you were using a fixed fraction or a set dollar amount. FF is much better than fixed amount due to the effect of compounding.
  10. peter2's Avatar
    Van Tharp has coined a term called the System Quality Number (SQN). Briefly it is a calculation that provides a figure which describes the quality of the system (and the system user, naturally).

    SQN = Ave result(all) / std dev of all results * SQRT(number of trades)

    Currently you are running with a SQN of 2.5 and if you can keep this up for 100 trades (min and max number) you will achieve an SQN of 3.1.

    SQN < 1 = Probably very hard to trade
    SQN 1 - 2 = Average, needs to be >1.7 to be statisically significant
    SQN 2 - 3 = Good system
    SQN 3 - 5 = Excellent system
    SQN 5 - 7 = Superb system (few exist)
    SQN > 7 = Holy Grail

    So what, eh? The better your SQN, the more you can do with position sizing to meet your objectives, like minimising drawdowns and maximising your chances of attaining your goals (eg +100% / yr with <20% drawdown).

    All this is in his latest book. I am not plugging it, but rather using this concept to compliment you on a good job so far and hopefully inspiring you onwards and upwards.
  11. nomore4s's Avatar
    Thanks Peter that is very interesting. Will look into it when I have more time. Might have to have a look at his book.
  12. nomore4s's Avatar
    I've just worked out my current SQN by closing out all my open trades at the current stops levels which is a worse case scenario and would mean I give up a fair bit of open profit on the big winners I currently have. It comes out at 7.1.

    If I close all my big winners out at current prices and the rest at stops it is 9.9

    Now before anyone says anything these results are only for 69 trades and we will have to wait and see how the current open trades actually play out, and lets see what the SQN is for 150+ trades. And the market conditions have been very good lately.
    Updated 17th-April-2009 at 01:08 AM by nomore4s
  13. nomore4s's Avatar
    I will also have to work out a way to keep track of my highest capital amount so I can work out my max drawdown from this level.


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