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Intraday Index Trading: SPI & FTSE


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it can be a long haul waiting for a trade sometimes, but finally one appears -- 11hrs later (a long time when intraday trading!)

am enjoying the simplicity of these 2 tools, . . . . we'll see if it lasts.

ftse hits fib 3807 and green median line, then bounces 25pnts back up to 50% fib and pink median line.
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Updated 24th-April-2009 at 04:06 PM by James Austin



  1. elmundotrade's Avatar
    James, is interesting how this FT software allows you to plot in the chart the close of yesterday follow by the opening of today, it seems like everyday is like that, and then you plot the tools and indicators as you do, seems straight forward, as oppose to having all night after the close of the day which shows in the IG charts........ I can understand now some of the differances....... In IG you can't do this sore of thing can you?


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