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Intraday Index Trading: SPI & FTSE


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well the SDI is no holy grail, surprise, surprise!!

is the SDIndicator completely useless?

i think it has some value, but like any trading tool, there is an art to using it correctly. My bank account balance post SDI testing is testimony to that.

the divergence b/w paper trading a tool such as SDI and RT trading never ceases to amaze me.

on the upside, SPI fibs show promise as shown, but translating into a trade plan . . . . a work in progress.
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Updated 24th-April-2009 at 04:07 PM by James Austin



  1. MRC & Co's Avatar
    lol, like anything hey James! It's a tough business, that's for sure!

    Have you moved on from Franks system or are just looking for another edge?
  2. James Austin's Avatar
    still my foundation is the D model.

    was looking for a way to verify the more dubious DM signals, the SDIndicator wasnt it . . . .

    but fibs (particularly that 50%) are showing some promise.

    will see if these have anything to offer, and can be converted into trades in real time.


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