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Uncle Festivus

Peeping from under the covers?

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Back into this bloggy thingy for those that lurk in these things.

New trades yesterday

- BSL 5K @ 2.20 - simply back to levels not seen for X years, div to match
- spot gold cfd 2 mini's @ 905 - gold price velocity seems to have slowed, maybe a tradeable bounce here

Still, the US unemployed ranks are going parabolic, maybe Oz will do the same, for many years to come so not yet for boots n all long?

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  1. Uncle Festivus's Avatar
    Closed the BSL for 10c and the gold position stopped out just now at 933. Looking for a big sell off today & Monday, maybe some tasty candidates about 11am Monday?
    Updated 6th-March-2009 at 12:27 PM by Uncle Festivus
  2. Uncle Festivus's Avatar
    Back in to
    - BSL 5k @ 215
    - TLS 30k @ 315
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Hi UF, good to see some live trades in here. Always interesting to watch. Cheers, SK
  4. Uncle Festivus's Avatar
    Howdy kennas,
    Wow, somebody actually reads these things.

    Closed the BSL today @ 235, maybe a little bit more in it, but it was never an investment, just a trade.

    TLS holding - looking for it to be allowed back in to the NBN & re rating, or some other form of involvement?

    Looking at agricultural stocks like AAC & FCL for some bottom fishing? I recall you are doing some bottom fishing yourself?
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Have been catching knives only, not bottom fishing yet. The panic selloffs have been easy fish imo. Looking to a final capitulation soon for some longer term buy and hopes.
  6. Uncle Festivus's Avatar
    Yes, catching knives, but opened 2 more positions this morning -

    FCL 20k @ 22c, then out @ 21.5c - seller volume just swamped it

    AWC 10k @ 85c

    TLS - getting hammered this morning after a promising start to 329!. Must keep reminding myself to be a trader, not an investor! Back to accumulate level?

    Now at Google spreadsheets -

    Updated 10th-March-2009 at 05:00 PM by Uncle Festivus


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