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Income Portfolio - Open Trades 04.03.09

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Spreadsheet with current open trades for this portfolio.

I have already included the d/e that I have or will receive (jumped the gun a bit I know).
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Income Portfolio


  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    Purchased some WBC shares for this portfolio this morning.

    WBC @ $16.90 x 150

    Will now probably wait for the next leg down to buy any more shares.

    Shares on the list to be purchased are -
    Another 1/2 parcel of:

    Full parcels at some point
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    I have added quite a few stocks to this portfolio now. I will update the open trades list later today when I get the chance.

    Today I took positions in

    NWH @ 50c x 5000
    FLX @ $9.67 x 300

    I think a couple of others I missed posting were

    NHC @ $4.09 x 650 - 24/03/09
    Added to MMS @ $2.50 x 750 - 25/03/09
    Added to REF @ $0.70 x 4,000 - 20/03/09
  3. kennas's Avatar
    All going nicely at the moment. Great time to have some cash to invest. Those poor idiots still sitting on their hands might have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or, will have shortly.

    Or, it's worse than the Great Depression and we still have 40% more to lose....lol
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Yeah I agree Kennas. I have allocated another $10,000 for this portfolio and will add another $15,000 later this year.

    Even if we see another probe lower by the general market I'm not too worried as that is where I will buy more. All the companies I've invested in have good earnings and pay a good d/e also most have low debt and gearing levels.

    I don't think we will see anything like the great depression not unless things take a serious turn for the worse. I don't see any signs in the real world, most people still have jobs, most people are still living thier comfortable lives. Until this changes I think the falls in the stockmarket are over done, but we may just trade sideways for a while now.
  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    Added OMH @ $1.29 x 2,000 to this portfolio today.


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