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NRG Trading

Open Positions 15/02/09

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Current open positions.

29.01.09 - CTX @ 8.30 x 385 w/stop @ $8.92

29.01.09 - WPL - short @ $34.85 x 200 w/stop @ $33.51

11.02.09 - MND @ $6.05 x 1000 w/stop @ $5.80

12.02.09 - TTS @ $2.73 x 2500 w/stop @ $2.75

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  1. Iron Man's Avatar
    nomore4s I have a copy of your spreadsheet that you posted.One question I have is how do you process your shorts?.

  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    I just reverse the prices and highlighted in red, not ideal I know but I only use the spreadsheet for this blog, I actually use Stator for my proper trading stats and results.
    This portfolio is not my complete trading portfolio.
  3. Iron Man's Avatar
    how are you finding Stator ? BTW CTX is going gangbusters. I got back in last week
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Stator is very good although I don't use it to anywhere near its full capacity.

    CTX is going well atm.
  5. Iron Man's Avatar
    Well done on MND - The question I have is what made you buy it?. As it was going sideways?.
  6. nomore4s's Avatar
    I have been watching MND for a while having already brought a half parcel for my long term portfolio. I noticed that any time price went near $6 it showed very good strength so when I had a chance to buy around that price I did.

    I also had done some basic fundamental research when I brought for my long term protfolio and had a feeling MND half year profit could be ok.

    Now to try and hold on for the 30c d/e
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    Short on BLD taken on open @ $3.05 w/stop @ $3.29 x 1350

    Short on NUF @ $9.42 w/stop @ $9.96 x 500
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    Damn, stopped out of CTX @ $9.70, was going to move the stop up to $9.85 tonight . Wonder what has caused the big sell off?
  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    WPL trade closed out @ $33.50 on the close.
  10. Iron Man's Avatar
    I bought CTX again @ 9.77 and sold yesterday @ 10.33. The only reason I could point to is that it got close to prev resistence level after a nice run up and a bad day on the ASX.
    I sold because I needed to patch a hole in my account. I have been trading poorly for the last two days.
  11. Iron Man's Avatar
    I am also short BLD @ 2.98 x 1000,today, this was a limit order I must have place about a week ago?. I am glad you did too so there must be a reason?. I am long AND and Short SEK today @ 2.37. I blew SGX yesterday for B/E as it was not going anyway and missed todays rise.
  12. nomore4s's Avatar
    I have taken a trade in SSM x 10,000 @ 25c but it will not be included in the NRG trading portfolio as it was taken outside of my trading rules for that portfolio.

    SSM has been taken into my higher risk longer term portfolio and am looking for a eventual move back towards 50c and will hold to see how it pans out - especially while it is still paying a d/e.
    Obviously this is a high risk play and I could end up doing half my dough and the d/e could get slashed as well.

    If it can maintain a 20%+ yield I will be happy.
  13. Iron Man's Avatar
    SSM - you are a brave man Gangadin. I can't see any reason than bottom picking to buy without some setup. . a better buy if it goes sideways some before breakout or reversal.Good luck you will need it!
  14. nomore4s's Avatar
    lol Iron Man, as i said a high risk play, based more on fundies than anything else, if the d/e is slashed I will be exiting if it is maintained happy days. Will find out one way or the other soon. It really is a longer term yield play, I'm willing to hold a decent capital loss for a while as long as the d/e is getting paid and I'm only risking a very small % of capital on it.

    Are you still short SEK and long AND? Both good trades especially the AND one.
  15. Iron Man's Avatar
    AND exited this morning with a Trailing stop @ 1.60, Had alot of good profit that I wanted to bag. maybe another opp later.
    Current positions SEK 12.78 short, OST 1.98 short, CUS 1.51 long (this has a 52 week high), SRL .87 short, BLD short 2.98.
  16. Iron Man's Avatar
    Regarding BLD copped a div payout of -$107, forgot about that.

    I live to learn and apply
  17. nomore4s's Avatar
    re:BLD - One thing I always look for around this time of year, but normally the sp will drop by about the same price if not more than the d/e.

    Trade taken today on SHL @ $12.22 x 500 w/stop @ $11.69
  18. nomore4s's Avatar
    SHL exited @ $11.95 on the close - Continued weakness, needed to hold above $12.15 to justify holding
  19. Iron Man's Avatar
    What your take on OZL looking to find a entry point? long and short. Options? or CFD?
  20. nomore4s's Avatar
    TBH I haven't looked at OZL for sometime
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