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My future...

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Im feeling reflective today so thought i would jot down some thoughts.

Im coming to a point in my life which is 'the next step' if you like. While not a defining moment, the decisons i make will shape at least the next 5 - 10 years, especially with the current economic climate and the fact that it is much more difficult to switch between jobs/careers.

This year i will be finishing 2 degrees, one in marketing, the other in finance. I will also complete a Diploma of Financial Services.

So now the question comes, what do I do next?

Firstly i will apply for as many grad roles as I can, and see what offers come from that. If i recieve any offers i will then decide if i want the role.

Secondly, I could go on and complete a Masters degree, which would take an extra year.

Thirdly, I have just been offered (unofficially) a nice amount of cash from a major Financial Planning firm, to undertake an honours study, in an area that interests me a lot. This is starting to sound attractive, but i still need to look into it further.

Or, finally, My partener and I have considered packing up and travelling to Korea or Spain for a year to teach English and travel.

Lots of options, with no definites yet...

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General Thoughts


  1. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Spain for a year sounds like the goer to me at your age!

    Nothing like life experience!

    Masters, wouldn't waste my time personally.

    Honours paid for by a financial planning firm, gather they want you to work for them after completing, or what is the catch?
  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    Thing is if we go to Spain it means we will have to can our plans for South America at the end of this year.

    No catch for the honours, obviously its just an area of mutual interest and I would hope to get a job with them at the end (FP isn't all they do), but no contracts or anything like that.
  3. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Yeh, tough decision then Prawn.

    A trip to South America would be great too! See how you go I guess with these grad positions and sit on it until then.

    If the company does Funds Management, may well be worth doing the honours and then harassing them for a job of any kind in that area (even just an admin guy).
  4. investorpaul's Avatar
    Prawn, I noticed a while back in your blog you mentioned you traded CFDs, are your still doing this? if so how is it going?
  5. kennas's Avatar
    You can eventually do all those things I suppose. You could travel first if you have enough cash, but it's not as much fun if you're doing it on the really cheap. What about honours overseas and you kill two birds with one stone. Or, you could join the Army for 15 years and be a real man. LOL
  6. prawn_86's Avatar
    Paul - no longer trading CFDs. Blew up that account rather quickly due to poor money management.

    Kennas - Cant do honours overseas, as i need to do it through my current Uni to get the cash i have been offered. I agree that travel isnt as fun when your always watching what you spend. No comment on the army...
  7. BillyIdol's Avatar
    Join the firm, do the honours year and get them to fly you to Spain / Europe / S. America on their dime.

    Plus, a nice big block of work experience, cash offer is looking good and it's an offer. Risk free proposition ?

    Treat yourself and your experience like a business and it's product, you've been approached to do a 'joint venture' for a while by a company which you can leave later on or keep going with if you like, but you also currently have plans to 'open an international office', which carries a bit more risk with it.


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