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Where am I?

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Totally lost track of where I am and posting trades. Appologies, probably linked to the crash and not wanting to say how much I've lost!

Sold out of CBA and WBC today around even. Things are looking really bad and I think I might get them back at a lower price.

Now holding:


Will sell them all if key support is broken.

Day trading is going as usual, CRAP! I have no clue whatsoever. I hit buy and the price goes down. I hit sell, and the price goes up.

All education I suppose.....

Must post all my trades as a contra indicator for you guys!
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Updated 28th-March-2009 at 02:59 AM by kennas (added chart)



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  1. It's Snake Pliskin's Avatar
    How's the trading going Kennas?

    Still day trading?
  2. shag's Avatar
    yes kennas u sure r no blogger....
    don't blame u being in lovely south america tho
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Sorry, I've actually been working voluntarily for my wife's travel company recently and being writing and reading and getting guitar lessons. Many competing priorities. Maybe linked to the market falling over and realising that the way I was trading and investing was out dated. No day trading through IG recently and actually thinking about cancelling the account so it's earning the cash rate instead of IG using it to pay debts.

    I've recently bought back some AZM, and LGL more SRL and added some PDN and PRU.

    So, holding:

    PRU (bought some today)

    Must spend some more time on an investing blog and my other blog, just struggling with time right now.

  4. shag's Avatar
    hi Sean
    did you notice the depth differential on bmn has got better again, not that it mens much, i've got to learn more on momentum trading and indicators etc.
    i've got to have a largish selldown soon, i'm hoping the obama goldrush bill holds the dow for a few days.
    i'd like to hold bmn for takeover reasons.
    mak for the chop i presume, tho given the enthusiasm of drummond etc i wonder if he will come up with generous benefactor.
    i assume you are a gold bull, i've always liked lgl, i guess its a two way bet, if the cactus comes around calling then its relatively safe. better than gold under your bed like some.
    one of the few correct calls of many that fat profits have made.
    mac bank seems keen on some of them also.
    at least 10/100k now goes a lot further in australasia than a year ago.
    cheers shag
    ps sad day for the bushfire victims, including the poor livestock.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Hi Shag, yes long time gold bull but missed the bottom of the goldies. Missed some 100% gains unfortunately. Was to concerned about market implosion to catch them.

    Bought a few BHP today on the seemingly clear break through $32.
  6. shag's Avatar
    i've got to liquidate over a ton so i'll be reluctantly selling what i can easily. i'd like to see stocks like brm thru for the ride but so be it. bloody rain in sydney, so much for a heatwave.
  7. kennas's Avatar
    BHP buy is probably a bit pre-emptive. The resistance between $32-34 looks pretty solid. Should be shorting it here I think. LOL
  8. shag's Avatar
    yes i figured on the bhp warrants(old fashioned i know but too lazy to fill out an options form) getting the chop as soon as i need to. i just like a gamble too.
    i've tossed some away already.
    holding up today anyway.
  9. shag's Avatar
    i wonder if this conference in south africa is getting a few people over enthused.
  10. kennas's Avatar
    I thought The Big Australian (LOL) would have dived dramatically back under 32 today following the US bad lead but what the fvck? Seems lots of bad news is factored in and we need to read each individual chart not in conjunction with the other lemming charts. I note some EW specialists have this still in a W4 so it's on the way up to a short term peak and then down down through previous lows. Reading their well thought out opinion makes me want to bail, but I just think EW is a crock!! he he. Of course, will tank through previous lows now.....but not before I've make a killing on the short term strength... lol :-P
  11. kennas's Avatar
    Strange move on BMN yesterday, up 25% or something on regular volume. Odd.

    Gold up 3.5% today, looks good for goldies tomorrow.
  12. kennas's Avatar
    BMN was because they came out with a resource upgrade the following day. Grades are still crap, and I think the focus for explorers in Namibia is now with EXT because of their superior grades. BMN is just more advanced and I think they'll be taken over. Waiting, waiting...maybe waiting is a bad play?

    Added more NCM on the break up this am.

    Gold and gold stocks have gone for a great run, but wonder if it's starting to get overdone? Will be another correction soon you'd think.
  13. JTLP's Avatar
    Kennas...back in Melbourne! Wow!

    What part (north, south, east, west)?

    Never knew you were a home town hero =)
  14. kennas's Avatar
    Hi JTC, Staying at a friends place in Fitzroy for the moment. Family is from Ringwood. Nice to be home and get some decent coffee. Hopefully get to a pre season game as well, play some golf with my dad and brother, and have some fish and chips on the beach down the Peninsula way.
  15. kennas's Avatar
    Sold BMN for about a k loss. EXT looks a far better option, even hough it's ran hard. Looking for an entry.

    Sold WOW for about a k gain. $29 ish looks like a bit of a wall and I expect it to fall over. May pick it up again lower, or if it pushes through.

    XAO hanging on to 3300 ish by the thread. Expect it to go through and make it's way to 27-2800. Good short opportunity if it pushes through the support.
  16. Iron Man's Avatar
    kennas - what size capital are you using? and positoin sizing to make 1K?
  17. kennas's Avatar
    I had 1000 WOW, so only needed a 1.00 move. This was actually in my LONG term buy and hope portfolio, not really a short term trade, that I was going to add to, but I thought we were about to fall over another cliff as mentioned above, so best to stand aside for the moment for me. WOW BHP and PDN were my only planned only long term holds, the rest are short/mid term. These 2 were part of a long term plan for a buy and hope portolio with around 20 stocks, and short term discretionary trade with the rest of my capital. So, position sizing with WOW was eventually aimed at around 5%, about $50K.
  18. kennas's Avatar
    Added a handful more AZM today.
  19. kennas's Avatar
    Added a handful more AZM today.
    Pretty unusual stuff from AZM the past few weeks, punters chasing it up. I was one of them, but only added a few more k worth. Probably just a bit more risk being taken. Nice bounce from the 4c low to 10.5.
  20. nomore4s's Avatar
    Nice work Kennas, what is your average price?
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