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NRG Trading

Open Trades 06/01/09

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Current open trades

NAB 1 @ $19.19 x 125 w/stop (original stop) @ $18.49
NAB 2 @ $20.20 x 100 w/stop @ $18.49 - Entered 5.12.08
Looking for a close above $21.00

BSL @ $3.07 x 800 w/stop @ $2.69 - Entered 18.12.08. Stop moved to $3.13 on 21.12.08

CBA @ $26.05 x 350 w/stop @ $26.50 - Entered 18.12.08.
Partial profits taken x 200 @ $27.40 on 23/12/08
Remaining Parcel of 150 w/stop @ $26.50

PDN @ $2.42 x 1000 w/stop @ $2.45 - Entered 29.12.08
May look to move stop to $2.64 tomorrow depending on price action. Hopefully todays breakout sticks but there are now a few gaps to be filled. Now looking for a target of $3.80-$4.00

TLS (Short) @ $3.76 x 2000 w/stop @ $3.90 - Entered 6.12.09 - Target of $3.25

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Updated 4th-February-2009 at 11:45 PM by nomore4s

NRG Trading , NRG Open Positions


  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    New trade taken yeterday

    CSL @ $31.04 x 200 w/stop at a close under $30.00
    Updated 9th-January-2009 at 09:42 AM by nomore4s
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    New trade triggered today

    SGM x 140 @ $19.90 w/stop @ $18.11

    Todays close will be important for this trade needs to hold onto its gains.

    Another trade taken today

    UGL x 1000 @ $8.60 w/stop @ $8.40
    Todays close important for this trade, stop will be moved to $8.49 depending on the close.
    Updated 14th-January-2009 at 10:46 AM by nomore4s
  3. nomore4s's Avatar
    BSL stopped out today at $3.55
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Todays trades

    PDN @ $2.93 x 1500 w/stop @ $2.74

    BHP @ $28.07 x 500
    Partial exit of 300 @ $28.67
    Open parcel of 200 w/stop @ $27.84
  5. kennas's Avatar
    I've grabbed a few PDN as well at $3.06. Looks like that support from the break is holding ok.
  6. nomore4s's Avatar
    Yeah it does for the moment.

    I actually made a mistake exiting my original trade - god I'm stupid sometimes.
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    Other 200 BHP shares closed out today at $28.45

    Another stupid decision, I really should learn to stick to my plan
    Updated 22nd-January-2009 at 12:52 PM by nomore4s
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    SGM stopped out at open @ $17.96
  9. nomore4s's Avatar
    TLS stopped out at $3.72
  10. nomore4s's Avatar
    DOM entered today @ $3.65 x 800
  11. prawn_86's Avatar
    Long or short on DOM?
  12. nomore4s's Avatar
    Long on DOM, but todays action was pretty bearish. Stop will remain @ $3.35 for the moment but could be moved to either $3.43 or $3.54 depending on tomorrows action.
    The US looks like it might have a good night tonight, if it does I want to see a clean break above $3.70 with a strong close.
  13. nomore4s's Avatar
    Busy morning

    Short LGL @ $3.03 x 1500

    CTX @ $8.30 x 385
    WPL @ $34.67 x 125
  14. nomore4s's Avatar
    DOM trade closed @ $3.52
  15. nomore4s's Avatar
    Dom taken off today dammit,lol
  16. kennas's Avatar
    Shame. I'm still in two minds on very short term trading and more longer term trend following on fundamentally good stocks that you buy when undervalued. Short term is obviously safer in saving your capital, but I've experienced and seen the really big gains by stock picking. YT was a good example of that. So, I'm still doing both at the moment, hoping to save capital on the one hand, but also pick the outliers that turn you into a trillionaire...
  17. nomore4s's Avatar
    PDN stopped out @ $2.94 this am
  18. kennas's Avatar
    Any particular reason you chose $2.94 nomore4s? I assume a % loss target? What are you using?

    Looks like good horizontal support at $2.80 ish, which at that time I'm looking at adding to my position. Breaking that clearly and I'll be out.
  19. nomore4s's Avatar
    Kennas, my stop was actually $2.95 but had a bit of slippage.

    It was b/e for the trade that's all, PDN is still on my watchlist but due to it not getting on with it I moved my stop to b/e especially since PDN tends to gap around a bit.

    I've been pretty aggressive with my trailing stops in this market especially on long trades, has probably cost me some profit - hence why I can't get a decent run atm - but it has also protected my capital and what little open profit I've had.
  20. kennas's Avatar
    Since the markets trending down are you loosening you short stops? That might have been a good plan ecently and something to incorporate into the future. ie, what is the longer term trend? If it's down, tight stops on buys. If a sell, loosen a tad... ?


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