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NRG Trading

Open Positions 7/12/08

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Current open positions as at 7/12/08

WOW @ $24.90 x 100 w/stop (original stop) @ $23.67 - current stop @ $25.85 - Entered 21.11.08
Expecting to be stopped out sometime next week with chart looking weak atm, series of very weak closes this week and having trouble holding over $27.00 - Needs a strong day on Monday and be able to hold those gains.

NAB 1 @ $19.19 x 125 w/stop (original stop) @ $17.79 but reg flag at close under $18.49 - Entered 2.12.08

NCM (short) @ $25.46 x 150 w/stop @ $26.65 - Entered 4.12.08

NAB 2 @ $20.20 x 100 w/stop @ $17.79 but reg flag at close under $18.49 - Entered 5.12.08 - Looking for a weekly close above $20.50 to confirm trade.

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Updated 7th-December-2008 at 12:50 PM by nomore4s

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    High chance NCM is heading to $20 if $24 is broken down, imo. However if it holds above there still a change to break up. Balances on $24 holding right now. Good short trade as you have done though, with the stop. Will be interesting to see how it goes. I'll be going long on the break up.

    I'm sitting on a few WOW as well, target $100.
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    NCM stopped out @ $26.67 on 9.12.08

    WOW stopped out @ $25.84 on 11.12.08
  3. kennas's Avatar
    I'm still long on both.
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Trade taken today.
    RIO @ $38.15 x 100 w/stop at $36.09
  5. nomore4s's Avatar
    Trades taken today

    CBA taken @ $26.05 x 350 as a short term trade.

    BSL @ $3.07 x 800 w/stop @ $2.69

    HVN - Short @ $2.33 x 1000 which looks like being the low for today damn it - but trade was triggered on a break below $2.34. Stop @ 2.59
  6. kennas's Avatar
    Yeah, I bought 2000 CBA at 26.10 ave for a quicky.

    Ready to sell at a capital loss.... LOL
  7. nomore4s's Avatar
    Stopped out of RIO trade today @ $38.46

    Will update blog tonight/tomorrow with Open positions etc.
  8. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    I thought of getting back into banks recently.

    Unless the 4 pillars go, I see no upside for another 2-3 years. They will increase provisions and decrease divies imo.

    They may be worthwhile following technically but patiently.

    As regards RIO , for Christmas I have asked santa to bring me a letter saying BHP will have them for $60 a share.

  9. kennas's Avatar
    I'm only holding CBA for a short trade at the moment. Waiting to see the follow through and unfolding Xmas events to see if it's worth keeping.

    Also have WBC from $17 ish, and watching too.

    Just not sure if we saw a bottom or pause to oblivion ....

    NCM been handy from the break through $26.
  10. nomore4s's Avatar
    The NCM trade is going well for you atm.

    I will probably look to unload some of the CBA shares next week depending on how it all plays out and maybe hold a portion for a longer term bounce towards the $35 area.
  11. nomore4s's Avatar
    On the RIO trade - Not real happy about getting stopped out as I think it could go higher in the next month or so but I couldn't let the trade go back into negative territory, will look to re-enter at some stage.
  12. kennas's Avatar
    I agree with RIO, but you need to stick with your plan, not just follow hunches which the price action doesn't support. Good decision for mine.
  13. kennas's Avatar
    Sold half CBA around $27.50. Looks like a wall at $28 short term. Considering what to do with the rest. May hold to see if $26 holds.


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