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The Lyceum - searching for eudaimonia


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I've been day trading the ASX mini the past few months and gold and some very short term trading blue chips but haven't been happy or successful with any of it. Disaster really.

Made a few $ on RIO this am on the most likely oversell and have just bought a few BMN on a very short term trade depending on future movements.

Looks like a nice rounded bottom, POU has steadied, and it's poking though major resistance at 50c.

Has potential for a major move, or if it fails, it's back in the toilet, you dog!!!
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  1. Miner's Avatar
    did you mean POU or BMN ? Your chart shows BMN and I could not see POU in ASX.

    BTW you are in the money for BMN went up 17 % today

    Enjoy with RIO too
  2. kennas's Avatar
    No, I meant POU has steadied, up $5 last week. Hopefully regain $75 ish which will be very positive. On the other hand it might get crumped with all the additional U comin on in the next few years too. Hopefully demand stays high and increases as expected. Anyway, I'm ready to dump this sick puppy in an instant if it goes back under 50.
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Also looking an NCM for a trade on a break through $26 ish. Looks prospective.

    Or, could short it expecting a failure at $26 I suppose...
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Hmm, BMN still running. Next major resistance around 75c. Could see that soon. Not sure if I'll hold to see, or take the money, and wait to see if 75c can be beaten...
  5. kennas's Avatar
    Big turnaround on BMN as it approached resistance. No one wants to hold this puppy for too long and people taking the opportunity to sell on a rally. Depending on how it looks Mon, I may go back under the couch.
  6. Miner's Avatar
    apparently from their AGM notes on 24 Nov they are going to raise capital. IMO there were some activities which prompted the share to go up significantly between 24 and 26 Nov before falling on 27 . Probably as you said Monday/ Tuesday could. be a test casel
  7. Miner's Avatar

    On another matter, did you have any chart on RMS ? YOu may refer to RMS site where we have asked your comments

  8. Miner's Avatar
    Me again

    I tried to look into BMN thread in ASF, Did not follow earlier one. it was informative

    I also noticed that you modified some one's posting there.

    Are you also a moderator like Trader Paul. Dr etc ?

    Just curious

    Re: BMN - Bannerman Resources
    Its well over 50c now

    Start of a nice upward trend IMO.

    (PS, I will remember to not pad posts next time. Sorry ASF)
    Last edited by kennas : 27th-November-2008 at 09:59 AM. Reason: added PS
  9. kennas's Avatar
    Yes, I'm a Mod, but Paul is not.

    Mods are id by their name in big blue font.

    Made a comment in the RMS thread.

  10. kennas's Avatar
    Sold BMN at 60.
  11. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Good one Kennas!

    I find day trading a whole diff ball game than normal EOD trading.

    As you have probably noticed by mainly trading the ASX mini and gold, you can't rely on the same specific set-ups you can use on EOD charts (whereby you can search for great setups in an array of diff charts and stocks and get plenty of time to set levels etc).

    Far more emotional I find! But good fun on it's moments, other times, it's completely aggrivating!

    Volatility has been great, but it's been DAMN TOUGH to trade hey!


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