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Prawn's thoughts

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Hi All,

I have started Aussie Travellers Forum as a 'cousin' site to ASF.


Im hoping to get a nice community feel over there also. Discussions on anything and everything to do with travel.

I know the layout is quite basic at this stage, but i will be upgrading it constantly.

Feel free to check it out and give me any feedback

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Nice work Prawn.

  2. prawn_86's Avatar
    New logo and a few other improvements added.

    Check it out

  3. prawn_86's Avatar
    If you havnt signed up yet go and tell us your fav place to visit. Its free, just like ASF

  4. prawn_86's Avatar
    I have made a couple of layout and colour changes.

    Please comment on them as design is definitely not my strong point

  5. prawn_86's Avatar
    New green and gold skin implemented.

    Sign up and tell me if you like it or not

  6. prawn_86's Avatar
    Over 50 members now, growing nicely.

    Come and share your stories.

  7. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Good stuff Prawn!
  8. prawn_86's Avatar
    After 3 weeks we have 57 members. Growing at a nice pace

    Tell your friends
  9. prawn_86's Avatar
    New logo implemented. Let us know what you think.

  10. prawn_86's Avatar
    Still looking for new members.

    Sign up and share your view of the world
  11. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Have you put a thread in the general chat about this site?

    Would be a great way to get some traffic if you haven't.
  12. prawn_86's Avatar
    Starting a thread promoting personal websites is against ASF spam policy
  13. Naked shorts's Avatar
    I would have thought you could do it prawn because your a mod. Also, isnt it supposed to be a sister site?
  14. prawn_86's Avatar
    Just cause im a mod doesnt mean i can break the rules...

    Its a cousin site to ASF. Different owners, but similar format etc
  15. Naked shorts's Avatar
    Different owners
    Makes sense then
  16. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Start a travelling thread with a link to a good site or two you have found
  17. prawn_86's Avatar
    After 5 months ATF has over 200 members and is continuing to grow. If you havnt joined yet and like to chat about travel you can sign up for free
  18. nomore4s's Avatar
    Good work Prawn, I should visit it more often. Going to Singapore in August so I might pop in at some stage.
  19. prawn_86's Avatar
    Just a reminder to anyone who likes to travel to come over and share your experiences
  20. prawn_86's Avatar
    Has now been 6 months since Aussie Travellers Forum was first launched. Over 200 members.

    Hopefully it can be half as successful as ASF in building a friendly travel oriented community

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