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Trader Paul

TAP alert ..... astrostuff update ..... :)

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by , 12th-October-2008 at 05:58 PM (1255 Views)

Hi folks,

TAP ..... price running into a v-bottom, with a hammer and
rising volume over the past couple of sessions, ahead of
2 positive time cycles expected around mid-week .....

..... hopefully some positive news will be enough to lift
TAP off its lows ...

Updated TAP chart, below.

have a great day


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  1. Trader Paul's Avatar

    TAP ... off its lows, this week and looking good,
    right now .....

    happy days


  2. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    TAP still looks a bit sick paul. It would be nice to see it trade sideways for a while like it did in late 2006 to mid 2007 before taking off up. Otherwise its going to continue a convincing downtrend

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