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NRG Trading

NRG Trading - Intraday Scalping

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I have been scalping intraday atm with IG markets, mainly on forex and mainly with one pair AUD/USD. But I have also had a few trades with the Australia 200 cash.

I had been testing this for a while on the demo account and went live on Tue 7.10.08 (yesterday) with some very good results - better than my testing.
It is really just a momentum based system, for very quick scalps while price is moving in my direction.

I have been strictly reviewing all trades & results after each trading session and trying to find areas to improve.

I will look at posting info & results on the blog in the near future but I won't be able to post live trades up, it will have to be end of session results & stats.

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  1. arco's Avatar
    Interested to know what time frame are you using for Aud.Usd scalping, and how many pips you usually aim for?

    rgds - arco
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    Sorry been busy.

    Using 1 min chart, and aiming for 10+ pips.

    Stats so far are:
    48% win, 43% loss, B/E 7%
    Ave win 18.7 pips, Ave loss 6.5 pips.
    Over about 85 trades.
    Results so far have been skewed by some very big wins (100+ pips).
    I have taken these big wins out and the system is still profitable.

    Trying to keep my losers small.
  3. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Damn nomore, EXCELLENT stats!

    Don't take the large win outliers out of the analysis, they are well and truly part of it!!!! Big win outliers are what makes most traders their serious dough!

    Keep us updated on how this is going, your trading rules etc as you did in the previous blog threads done earlier.
  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Thanks MRC, but due to being extremely busy at work, moving house and now having a young daughter who is requiring more time at night I just haven't been able to get the screen time to make this work as it requires alot of time watching the price action.

    Hopefully in time I can get back into it because it was working well - as long as the market was trending, tended to get a bit of whipsaw in sideways markets.

    On hold for the moment.
  5. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Ok that is completely fair. Sound like a busy man!

    Look forward to the updates down the track.

    Congrats on the daughter! Hope she is healthy.
  6. nomore4s's Avatar
    Thanks, Akira is happy & healthy, being about 5-6 months old now she requires alot more attention when I get home at night - very rewarding though.

    Run a showerscreen & robe business with the old man atm, with about 9-10 employees, we're extremely busy trying to get everything finished before Xmas. Waiting for the slow down to kick in up here so I can get a break, lol.
    I have had to turn down about a years work in the last six months due to being so busy. And we haven't done a private job in about 3 months, sending them to the opposition.
  7. MRC & Co's Avatar
    Good to hear! I bet it is extremelly rewarding.

    ha ha, mate, you must be about the only business busy in the country at the moment!! The ones I know, are taking a hit lately!
  8. nomore4s's Avatar
    lol, yeah but give it 6 months up here and we'll be looking for work. We just happen to be halfway through some big contracts atm. We will be scaling back to about 5 workers about halfway through next year I reckon.

    Darwin tends to run about 6-18 months behind the rest of Aust.
    Alot of the big projects coming up next year have either been canned or put on hold.
  9. Naked shorts's Avatar
    i dunno how you can stand IG markets. I tired scalping e/u, a few months back during huge volitility with them and i found it very difficult.
  10. kennas's Avatar
    Yeah I use IG and not really happy with it. During volatlity the spreads turn massive. And, I'm sure they know who I am. Whenever I hit sell the chart goes up. And when I hit buy the chart goes down. Incredible!
  11. MRC & Co's Avatar
    ha ha ha, love it Kennas!

    I feel the same way!


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