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Positions update 6 Oct

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No change.....

I have been out of the office for the past 4 weeks travelling around a bit and have had no opportunity to make any decisions on stocks or take advantage of the decline in the overall market.

It's probably been impossible to get out of AZM and DMM anyway due to the low liquidity there. Still holding MAK as I am clinging on to the assumption that Wonarah will be economical.

Not thinking of trying to pick any bottoms at the moment as fear has gripped the world.....

Unless the entire system falls over though, you'd have to think that there's some long term value appearing...


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  1. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    The only ones I've been accumulating for the long term are BHP and RIO.

    In for a penny, in for a pound is my motto in these crazy times.

    Both are worth looking at on long term support /resistance levels.

  2. JTLP's Avatar
    GG...if I was home id be baggin BHP as well. But I needs all the money for my trip...feel like picking a few up for me in the 20s?

    Kennas...keen on meeting up for a beer in Mexico...id love to meet the man behind the legend haha!

    These markets are just crazy...panic mode has heightended again tonight...god bless!
  3. kennas's Avatar
    I'm stuck in Peru for the rest of the year, so no Mehico for me unfortunately.

    BHP is certainly on my list of potential buys but my aging heart couldn't take this volatility right now....

    Watching gold closely though. If others start to lower rates it may be the kicker it needs.

    No intraday trading for me right now either, just sitting on the fence watching the blood...
  4. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    No J mate, Out of cvn, I'll wait awhille, I think the oilers are on a downer, only ones I'm looking at are anz ( takeover play) , rio and bhp. All for longterm.

    Adding in a down market for small caps I'm wary of. When fear grips , the smaller ones get sold down straightaway, I think so anyway.

  5. shag's Avatar
    i like the mak story
    i've bought a handful.
    even if the world goes into a hard recession, you still need fertiliser. and it seems they have a lot of the stuff, at high rates. surely this is the sort of thing rudd wants to progress to grow the economy also.
    plus the site, hell have u ever seen a site begging to be dug up.
    but then i like too many resource plays.
    note, u an cut back on fertiliser for a yr or so, but soon it comes back to haunt you.


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