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NRG Trading

Current Open Positions

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Just for interest I will post my current open trades. These will not be included in the new trading plan.

I have a long term holding in SSI with a average entry price of 72.5c, this stock is a long term spec investment and as such I don't have a stop atm, but is reviewed regularly.

The only open trades I have now are

HIL - Entry @ $4.10, stop @ $3.74

WPL - Entry @ $51.10, originial stop @ $50.10, current trailing stop @ $55.49 - will be moved to todays low tonight.

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Updated 4th-February-2009 at 11:45 PM by nomore4s

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  1. nomore4s's Avatar
    WPL closed out this morning @ $56.49
    Profit of $5.39 per share
  2. nomore4s's Avatar
    And of course its rallied after I've been stopped out, lol
  3. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    Not a bad profit mate, better than many in this market.

  4. nomore4s's Avatar
    Yes was a good trade, R/R of 1:5 is always good, but few and far between atm, HIL also had a good day today, need some follow through now though.


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