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wow shares

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by , 16th-September-2008 at 04:28 AM (2949 Views)
I dont get it , woolworths posted huge profit and predictions are for better things to come yet the share price sits below $28.
Ive read anylist reports stating they should be around $32
Question should im buy more shares at the lower price ??
I already have a nice chunk off them from family and they seem to be the more stable shares to invest but do i wait see if they go down hmmm they were $25 a month ago now they are $28 maybe i waited too long.

I think these shares will top the $30 mark within the next week or so .

Comments please what do you think?? agree to purchase more or disagree??


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  1. Garpal Gumnut's Avatar
    Its a 50/50 bet really. I am a l/t holder of WOW. In this climate though would you get them cheaper in the short term?

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Could get them cheaper, but if you are a LONG TERM investor - 10+ years - what's the risk?

    Only total financial system meltdown IMO.
  3. cruise61's Avatar
    Well seems shares are on track whilst the market slumps wow shares are on the increase as predicted.

    shares are up 97 cents in past week so heading towards the 30 mark so guess the market gurues were on track

    lets see where they go when the market bounces back ? could be a promising week for wow share holders

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