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Positions update 5 Sep

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Unfortunately, I am on the road travelling around Brazil at the moment and have left my computer home with all my files on it, so no graphs. I really should have bought my USB stick with my important files..

Currently working in my hotel with my wife's computer while she's attending a conference. From next week, it's all internet cafe's so won't be much from me.

Over the past couple of weeks I've sold in to any bounces and cleared the desk with disasters.

BFE sold all for 50% loss. Wanted to get out much earlier but there were just no buyers because of so thinly traded. Bad timing to get into this spec of specs.
Sold all LGL and NCM, for 5% and 70% gain. Looks like long term uptrends over, but ready to go back in if gold starts back up.
Bought and sold WOW and WBC for a few % gain. I did buy them for the 'long term grandkids' portfolio, but reviewing the markets there might be a chance to get in lower.
Bought a few more AZM preparing for the JORC which was as expected but was on a XAO shocker day and gold getting smashed. Bad timing. Holding on.
DMM holding.
Bought a few more MAK on the jump but then sold on the sell off for nil result.

Haven't been day trading the index, forex, or gold as I can't put the software on this computer and won't have time anyway.

So, the only stocks I'm holding now are AZM, DMM and MAK, with about 65% cash, of active investments. Still 45% in Super, which has probably been decimated the past year.

So, for the next 4 weeks, not much from me as I'll soon be on a real holiday touring Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Will be updating the blog as I go. http://www.thesurvivalimperative.blogspot.com/

Good luck with your trading/investing.


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Updated 6th-September-2008 at 01:35 AM by kennas



  1. Miner's Avatar
    Enjoy your holiday and look for some iron and steel technology cheaper conversion.

    I am seriously asking if you please cast your eyes. Currently with low grade of Fe, high cost of energy, low supply of coking coal there is a thrust on seeking iron production with non coking coal and low FE.

    I have been advised by some one in this field that Brazil offers some new technology.

    IMO there could be real money to make in this search.

    Good luck and talk to you soon through this forum

    Updated 6th-September-2008 at 02:40 PM by Miner (paragraph)
  2. kennas's Avatar
    New technology?

    The only new technology I'll be looking at is how to make caipirinha's.....

    A cup, some Cachaça, sugarcane juice, limes and ice....

    Rocket fuel!


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