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Prawn's thoughts

1st week stats

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Ok im still in demo mode, but im just waiting for Oanda to certify my ID docs.

I have attached my trade stats for the week. It would be nice if some 'real' traders could comment, cause i have no idea what those figures mean

Oh, and its also done in pips, not $ value as im not live yet, so its assuming equal sizings for each trade.
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  1. prawn_86's Avatar
    No one out there got any comments/advice?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Drink more rum.
  3. Trembling Hand's Avatar
    They don't look to bad Prawn. Obviously one or two 10 to 15 pip winners would make them look great. as well as eventually finding more trades.

    Oh and drink more rum.
  4. prawn_86's Avatar
    I agree with needing a couple of big fat winners.

    Im only taking a few trades as my target is 5 pips per day, so once i get that i close down to stop overtrading. There are easily more trades there, but i dont want to get greedy at this stage

    I dont drink rum sorry guys...


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