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Topped up a few NCM

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Gold getting smashed, and I think it'll find support soon.

US is still a basket case, and housing hasn't finished going down. Not sure exactly how much is factored in. Oil correcting but I think will steady soon, after coming out of the bubble.

NCM off 6%, good chance for me to add some.

Unless of course, the US has bottomed and all the bad news is overfactored in and gold goes back to $200.

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  1. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    Have you lately followed CGX and what do you think ?
    The ball mills arrived, SAG mill is on transport, construction is two weeks ahead of schedule, increased royalty and lower profitability.

    The price has come down much below than the price they raised fund only few months ago. Would the market be surprised by some good result of grade or in general better construction further ?

    What is your thought on this ?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    I haven't really been following lately. Just went through their last few anns and it's looking good, but haven't really done enough research to comment on it's current value. Need to look further.


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