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The Lyceum - searching for eudaimonia


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I've followed RWD very closely since it was around $1.00 and was very close to taking a large position, but held off as I was concerned about market conditions at the time.

I'm still concerned, but RWD has come off from a $2.30 ish peak to fall dramatically (like MAK) back to where I was going to enter.

So, I'm looking at it again. MC is at a point where if it was actually producing now, would have a pe of about 3. And it looks like it will get to mining.

Agricultural products are the go. It might take time to realize gains in this, but I'm going to start picking some up for long term horizon (5 years).

That's my opinion at the moment anyway.

Will probably change after the next financial shock.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Depth is concerning.

    Looks really odd actually.

    No buying support.

    Maybe stale holders and the Bear creating it. No one has $$ left to invest perhaps.

    Could be a good opportunity, or a Bear Trap!

    Still watching to see some direction.

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Just holding on to support zone around 1.25.

    Seems all poo stocks have had a bad trot since the correction from 6000. A general flight to cash.

    STB also way off after breaking .25 support.

    Still holding off for some direction. Perhaps the Martu getting their act together and signing the mining agreement will help RWD.

    If they can get to mining will be a great stock.
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Wow, hit 1.08 on yesterdays whalloping. If I had have been up that would have been me. Shame. If they get to mining, this price looks long term dirt cheap. Will I, won't I....


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