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I sold a few BFE last week to get back into some cash along with bits of other things but I am considering to top up on it again, with the recent purchases on market by the directors, and 18 looks like a possible floor.


GBG and ROY have been crucified and both approaching or at long term support at .90 and .20 respectively. Have bought and sold both these on and off and understand the companies. Both fundamentally look good, but the market has been overly cruel I think.

Looking at short term trades on them, pending market.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    And I'll add AZM to the top up list as well after the results this am.


    Shame gold tanked.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Bought a few more AZM and BFE yesterday.

    AZM results really were acceptional.

    Looks like YT is on BFE too so hopefully the YT effect has an effect. lol
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Bought some GBG at 96.

    Stop .88 ish.

    Target about $1.15, at the next resistance.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    LOL, I've had a bear attack and decided to sell GBG this am at $1.00 for a massive 4% gain, less tax.

    So much negativity.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    And, day high 1.09 so far.

    Missed 9% in a couple of hours.

    Guttsy kennas.

    What was the 'plan'?


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