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Positions update 12 July

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Cripes, what a disasterous couple of months.

Seen quite a few profits slip slide away and made a couple of nice capital losses on some stocks I should have sold earlier. Went against my trading plan, not cutting the losses early, expecting the 'fundamentals' to hold them up.

Silly Sean!!

MAK has been the biggest killer, and in harry, should have taken more profits on the break through $2.00. Can't see it going too much lower with the market. Famous last words.

LGL and NCM, which I've been threatening to sell have turned up with POG and should have a good Monday. Unusual vol on NCM a few days ago, I'm suspiscious.

Sold MLM and CGG for 25% losses. Ouch. You idiot! MLM still has huge potential with the IPOs but it's flagship Ni project looks like a turkey. Market thinks so by the look. Potential bottom at .45 though. CGG just died in the ****, very surprised.

Sold half STB for 35% gain and going to sell the rest. Getting bored. Is on the watch list for a break up. Still has potential, but tried to talk to the company last week about progress (you know, like digging a hole) and they weren't interested.

BMN stalled at $2.50 resistance as expected and gone through some consolidation. Revised JORC coming up and if it hits 100m lbs it should be sitting on a $600m MC if the Rio sale is a measure. That's about $6.00. a share.

BFE and DMM. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sold a third of BFE just to get back into some more cash. Come on boys I'm getting bored.

AZM consolidating (too much of course) but as expected around the .20 market. Should have taken some profits there, but I was asleep at the wheel, again. Goose. Drilling results imminent and hopefully they are as good as the last. Looking forward to initial JORC at Bepkong next month.

Getting KMN under 20c was a masterstroke. Risky, but paid off with the release of extraodinary drillling results at Kalman. Need some follow up for this old dog to keep kicking. Woof!!

Looking at:


The markets are fvcked!!
I want some more cash, for the capitulation.
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Updated 12th-July-2008 at 07:07 AM by kennas (added KMN comment)



  1. Miner's Avatar
    what do you now you think of ASX on Monday considering DOW has again dived on Friday ?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Mixed Miner.

    Resources might do OK. Gold and oil flying. I expect 3-5% gains on AZM, KMN, LGL and NCM, pending Asian gold trade. Should be up though.

    Financials and housing related stocks will be crucified. Not going there for some time. 5 years? eeeek!

    Still want to take some more off the table somewhere.


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