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Sold a few things today, which I have been threatening for months and held back because of greed.

Now fear got me, as I have a feeling the market is going to go pear shaped in the next few weeks.

I hope not, but I have too much at interest and are nimble enough to get back in at short notice.

So, I sold all CGG, 1/3 BFE and all MLM today.

I think they are great stocks but will be back in once they start going up again.

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  1. Miner's Avatar
    Yes, I do sound the same sense of fear. Most of the stocks are red in my portfolio. But you are very astute investor and bloody knowledgable. There are few like you in this forum.
    I am now really afraid that you are under fear and selling your stocks what will be the situation of ordinary blogs in stock markets who know nothing about market or investment tools.

    It is really a frightening sign to me and if YT, Julia, Doctor J, Prospector, and Hangsang join you then situation will be worst
  2. JTLP's Avatar
    You sold MLM !

    I was tempted but it got back to even for the day. THey just better get a wriggle on.

    All the best Kennas!
  3. kennas's Avatar
    I've made several mistakes the past 2 months, basically not taking enough profits and not selling some things that went backward more than 10%. That includes both MLM and CGG.

    Missed heaps of profits by not locking in IRC early, and not taking some (maybe half) off the table of AZM, KMN, and DMM.

    Why didn't I? Greed.

    Self flagilation go on:


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