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FY 07/08 Return

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Well, it's been a tough FY year for the general markets.

Where is it? Back to the start I think? Golly lower...

Started at 6300 ish, and ended at 5350. So market down 15%.

I've had a few lucky punts I think (MAK/O) and some great losses (KMN) but overall have returned 33%. (pre tax!)

Not sure how I feel about the 08 performance. There were so many great spec opportunites, but my investment plan is to always try and be conservative. And, that was my 2008 story. Just kept taking profits and cutting losses, and didn't over invest in anything. And, I have the feeling this year will be the same.

I suppose I can't be too upset with the outperformance given my conservative nature.

This is a different figure to my overall P&L noted in the last couple of updates as I've only just started adding in the closed trades P&L and overall graphs.

Will keep that running so it gives a fairer indication of % gain loss running through 08/09.

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  1. JTLP's Avatar
    33% gain pre tax...nice work Kennas. And, as you say, working off a conservative nature...you should be very chuffed.

    Best of luck with this year though...could be a battle!
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Yes, I agree, but I'm not sure if any more difficult.

    I had to significantly readjust my portfolio this year from holding quite a few blue chip and managed funds to going to all specs and gold.

    I misjudged the timings and took a bit of pain, especially on the managed funds.

    However, I think I'm in the right things right now, and have learnt a lot about money management and improved my FA and TA skills, so I'm just aiming for the same result this year. 30ish %. If I keep doing that for the next 10 years, I'd be pretty happy.

    They key has definately been to cut losses as early as possible and pick up undervalued and uptrending stocks.

    Pending total world economic implosion, Australia and it's export led resources economy fueled by Chindia (not looking like they're slowing down much) should keep commods high, and maybe higher.



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