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Tough 2 months

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It's been a tough 2 months hasn't it! Well for me anyway.

I've been lucky enough to get into some good stocks early after the major correction but have watched some profits slide and slide the past 8 weeks.

MAK a prime example. I had a crap load of options that at $2.50 ish peak (effective buy 7c) were putting a smile on my face you wouldn't believe. Now converted to shares and slip sliding away.

Haven't wanted to sell for 2 reasons.

1. Fundamentally, into production worth at least double.

2. Didn't want the capital gain at end of year.


LGL and NCM spanked!
Missed the top of IRC because of travel. Missed 20% more gain.
MLM capper holding it below 60!
KMN static.
DMM off from $1.10 to .70c
STB ok but looking tenuous.
BFE boring, so far.

Saving graces:

BMN recovering.
AZM up 100%.
ROY and GBG trades for 30% ish.

And, I think the market may make 4800 in the next 3 months.

Will be taking profits where I can in the new FY...

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Thank Ra/Marduk/El/Yahweh for GOLD!

    Go gold!!

    Did I say I was going to sell LGL/NCM a few days ago...


    Still, world looking dodgy! I'm taking lots off the table from July 1.


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