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Received RER entitelment

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And now I'm going to unload them as best I can. I think they should be inviting Ruane on board, not dishing him, so I see it as a bit of a negative distraction which could hurt the sp for some time. Still way undervalued on an MC to oz au perspective even though the oz are distributed over several deposits.

Much prefer AZM for an undervalued spec gold play with potential and will probably buy more once they look to be going up. Maybe making a floor around 12, instead of 10 will be first signs of that. Charts a bit choppy to make a decent call on it though.

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  1. mu5hu's Avatar
    Do the entitlements for RER get received by shareholders all on the same day?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    You would expect so. Mine just popped into the account on line.
  3. kennas's Avatar
    And now I'm going to unload them as best I can.
    Sold out the past 2 days for a 1% gain.

    They'll probably jump back to 10 cents now!

    As I've said in other places I've been buying too many things recently and want to be in about 30% cash. Sitting about 15% now, so need to take some money off the table here and there. Should have done that with MAKO at $2.50...eeeek!

    Need to have a good think about what I should peel off, I like them all at the moment.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    LOL, up to 5c. But, the cash went to AZM which looks like it may be breaking up from 13. Too early to tell though.


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