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Bought KMN

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Can't believe I've done this, but I've bought a few KMN this am as they hit what I think is their 'bottom'.

More like catching a falling knife.

Just bought 50K, because it could go to zero. Will add, if there's a bottom confirmed. Or jump ship if it breaks 20.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    And it's been dumped by one seller like crazy. Think I'm going to stand aside again....
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Discovered that the selling was Opes shares. All cleared now. Still in...eeeek!!
  3. kennas's Avatar
    Someone still wants to get out. About 600k parcel destroyed a lot of the buy depth.

    Been dipping it's head under 20 the past few days and holding on by the skin of it's teeth.

    If I believed in the fundamentals that much I suppose I'd buy more, but I am doubting the company due to the negative price action.

    Could be going to go tits up, or it's an incredible buying opportunity.

  4. kennas's Avatar
    Was maybe a buying opportunity. Up 28% on Friday on way above ave volume. Perhaps some good results about to appear.

    Was so close to selling this long term turkey, but perhaps it has really been oversold now.

    Could that have been a bottom? Must be a bottom somewhere I suppose.

    Depending on how it behaves from here, I may even top up.

  5. kennas's Avatar
    Doubled up on KMN the past 2 days at 20c.
  6. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    Have you recently followed AUROX AUX and what do you think of its prospects and value considering Windimera Vanadium is also good in Vanadium with not a huge market probably for Vanadium

  7. kennas's Avatar
    AUX, no, but will have a look. Don't know much about Vanadium really. Did look closely at Windimera and MXRs potential but not completely over them. Cheers, SK
  8. kennas's Avatar
    Doubled up on KMN the past 2 days at 20c.
    Up 23% Friday to 26 cents.

    Now up 20% on the buy, so might have payed off buying more around what might be a bottom. Might have caught the knife by the handle....

    Not getting excited AT ALL, as this has been woofing continuously for a year.
  9. kennas's Avatar
    Hooly dooly, woof woof! I can not fathom the turnaround today. Peaked at 32.5 and finished at 23.5. Surely something wrong there. Eeeeeek! Expecting bad news.

  10. kennas's Avatar
    The code for this should be changed to YOYO.

    Up 14%.

  11. kennas's Avatar
    Well, I truly think something is going on here. The buy depth is getting stacked like I have never seen it. Usually it's the other way.

    Will just have to wait and see.

    It's still woofing till it clearly breaks 30c and we see some higher highs and lows...
  12. kennas's Avatar
    Another good day, up to 29c.

    I have a feeling an ann could be out shortly regarding drilling and/or revised JORC at Kalman.

    From last ann on 25 June:

    An updated mineral resource is currently being generated based on these new results as well as the previously announced rhenium results (see ASX announcement dated 4 March 2008). Recently received regional drilling results for areas along strike to the north and south of Kalman are currently being compiled and will shortly be released.

    Hopefully north of the current deposit, over the fault, is an extension of the deposit. That could potentially double it's size. Fingers crossed.
  13. kennas's Avatar
    Incredible results out.

    See ann.

    Mind bogling actually.
  14. kennas's Avatar
    Holey fvck!!!!


    This is OD ++ material!!!

    Wake up market!!!

    Could be a mine.

    (read minor sarcasm)

    Hope you've been on since 20s....
  15. kennas's Avatar
    I'm still getting my head over this intersection.

    Mind frying actually.


    Any of you see this as a world turner?

    Maybe I have no idea??


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