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Positions Update 28 May

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I sold GBG and ROY yesterday as planned.

GBG was simply a chart trade, not sure fundamentally where it could go. I might look at it in more detail, but I'm more interested in small caps at the moment searching for the alusive multibagger.

As far as the other stocks go, I'm still holding LGL and NCM effectively as a hedge to the current financial crisis. If it gets any worse I'd expect gold to be supported and these two hold up OK. On the other hand, could gold have peaked?

AZM is progressing well, I'm just waiting for it to be rerated for it's gold value. I'm waiting on results and chart action to make a decision of buy/sell plans.

MAKO has been shot to pieces recently. I'm converting the oppies to heads next week. I think this is just a correction for MAK and once it firms up plans for Wonarah etc, it should have an MC around the $1b as a rough pluck, pending RP prices.

I've taken up the full entitelment to RER, but will probably sell them to clear the decks. I think I was pissed when I bought them.

No change in my thoughts on the others.

I haven't got my eye on buying anything else at the minute, except a few more STB on a clear break through 30.

I've added another chart here with my closed trades so overall P&L is recorded.
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