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Trader Paul

CUE alert ..... astrostuff update ..... :)

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Hi folks,

CUE ... has 2 positive cycles coming out to play this week,
which may be enough to give this one a lift ...

Updated CUE chart, shows the early stages of an anticipated
breakout from an obvious cup and handle pattern:


have a great weekend



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  1. Trader Paul's Avatar

    ..... as expected, CUE is ticking up nicely, now ... !~!

    happy days


  2. Trader Paul's Avatar

    Hi folks,

    CUE ..... if you think it's bad now ... maybe check on it tomorrow 13082008,
    especially, if it breaks down through key support, at 20.5 cents ... and again,
    later this month, around 28082008, as we see 2 strongly negative cycles
    move in on CUE ..... will be alert for a low around that time.

    Next round of positive time cycles and the first sign of recovery for CUE
    is expected, around 26-29092008 .....

    October 2008 should be a good month for CUE, especially around
    09-13102008 and 28-29102008, with a negative cycle between,
    expected on 23102008.

    November 2008 should be also positive for CUE, in the first 3 weeks,
    but from 21112008-to-month's end, we expect to see three (3)
    significant and negative time cycles in play.

    December 2008 - Expecting minor and positive news from CUE,
    around 15-16122008.

    January 2009 ... significant and positive cycle 08012009.

    February 2009 ... positive spotlight on CUE, on 23-24022008.

    More later.

    have a great day


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