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Positions update

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Well, been a while for a full breakdown but here goes.

All managed funds into the bounce. I think we're going sideways for at least a year, and the money is better in the bank earning interest, or paying for beer.
MAKO. Sold all during the dead cat to save profits. Made about 700% profit.
BMN. Sold half at $2.50 a while ago. At about 5% profit. It's looking increasingly sick, waiting for news (litigation to be squashed), or a turnaround on the chart to get back in.

MAKO. Regretted selling, and bought back in around 25 cents.
ROY. At average 25 cents. Drilling in March may provide interest. Iron is hot.
IRC. Sitting on trillions IGV, totally overlooked.
MOG. Spec oiler.

Looking at adding to the specs above if they look like they're going to run.

Here's the current breakdown.
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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    Just a brief note to reassure you someone's reading!

    I sold out of our MF last Aug before that big dip - not wisdom just a lucky break and similar thinking to yours. Not that I have displayed any great intuition since then. I eventually got into GOLD last week - when it dropped from $110 to $105, my most recent lapse in judgement - there have been so many!

    I have to see it as building longer term experience - once I get over repeating mistakes, that is.

    Anyhow thanks for ongoing postings and reflections.

    BTW I gather you made it back to MLB for a while (missed you by a few weeks), but see you are back in Sth America.


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