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Year of the Rat

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From 7 Feb.

Rat Mythology

The Chinese mythology of the Rat is a great tool for finding insight into the year ahead. The Rat lives underground and burrows, and thus he is the master of the underworld. He is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and is generous to those whom he enjoys. He is brother to the serpent and the mole and he comes from the time of the night. Interestingly, in India, the Rat is the servant of Ganesha, the spiritual guide for mankind and the Hindu god of great strength for overcoming obstacles, fear and worry. The Rat bears and assists Ganesha. In other cultures, he appears as the image of the plague: our history is full of images of rats as something mankind feared. As an animal, the rat is one of the most intelligent, rated alongside the dolphin and the whale as a creature of high native intelligence.

The Rat is charming, imaginative, very clever and opportunistic in money. His best role is as a confidential agent to you. He loves things off the beaten track. Hates alarm clocks, agendas and family photos and enjoys voyages, especially to places no-one has been yet. His favourite haunts are catacombs, caves and underground passages. He's skilled at sales, financial and legal matters, writing, political work, doctoring, pathology, detective work, spying and criminology.

He was the first of all animals to answer the call from the Buddha to take care of the years in the Chinese calendar. In our culture, the rat does not have a great reputation and indeed is detested and reviled as a creature of the plague and of disease - harbingers of ruin, as they were regarded in the middle ages. He is solitary, individualistic and self-willed. He's alert and watchful and it's very difficult to influence the Rat. He's intelligent. You cannot trick him.

Economic Moves This Year

2008 is a Yang Earth year, with the Water element underneath. The dominating element is therefore Water. So it's going to be a time of cooling down after the active economic years of 2006 and 2007. Fire is the symbol of financial markets and strong Fire stimulates optimism and speculation. There is no Fire this year and without Fire the market turns conservative.

The strong Water element encourages some movement for the Earth industries which are property, insurance, mining, hotels, engineering, health and the chemical industry. With strong Water showing up, the property market can be active, but only in Earth-ruled countries. Investors this year will, however, be more cautious and more practical; there will be a cooling down, with more stability in stock markets.

With little or no Fire, the Fire industries finance, the stock market, energy, electricity, entertainment, and airline businesses will definitely not advance this year. Home and property values will have some support, but with Water underneath, it may be that natural water disasters strongly influence the property market. The solution would be not to buy or invest near seafronts, rivers, large water bodies, or on flood-prone land.



PS: Interesting all the flooding in QLD and other parts of Australia in recent times.

Global Trends


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