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Selling into this bounce

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I am not sure if this can be sustained and it may be a dead cat. Taking the opportunity to take some off the table. I might pay for it later, I just don't know where the world economy is going...

I sold a few of these yesterday which in retrospect was idiocy, but who was to know the Fed was going to pull a rabit out of the hat?



That's all...

I may have missed an awesome opportunity to buy more yesterday and keep holding long term, but my heart just can't take it! LOL

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  1. MR.'s Avatar
    These are not easy times for owning shares. Europe once again is falling and the price is reflecting that it is looking for some support from the US again.

    Although I sold my last stock on the asx more than a month ago I still lost yesterday. I sold my Japanese Platinum shares which I bought at 2.51 and sold for 1.799 yesterday. I was expecting the yen to strengthen last night to equal out the loss in the Japanese stocks yesterday. But it didn't happen. oops. Massive loss.

    I wonder if the so call carry trade was mainly used to invest directly into the Japanese share market. It looks that way. Or is it a matter of refinancing.
    Although the Japanese market appears safer than most I can't see why it wouldn't follow the other markets down. I should have asked myself "how much further can it possibly fall?" 20 - 25% Will look at buying back in if it drops a further 20%.

    Was today a suckers bounce?
    Kennas today was a good time to have sold.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Maybe I sold at the bottom too.



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