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Positions update

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Chart looks a bit lopsided now since the fantastic performance of MAK. Only concern is KMN breaking significant support around 55 and I'm down 25%. Need to make a decision there. Looks like a tax loss for this year to me.

Managed funds are off about 10% from highs, just in front of market. Bloody Japan fund has been a killer. The past 2 years there been all this talk about the reemergence of Japan, but it's just been tanking.

In the past week:

Sold a third HLX at about 20% gain
Sold all EXM on about 5 % gain
Sold a third MAKO for 300% gain, now free carried on 500% gains at the minute.
Topped up BMN under $3.00
Bought NSL average $0.026

This week:

Looking at more BMN if market steadies and bounces off 5650 as I expect. This may equate to a bounce on BMN from the $2.50-2.75 area. Next resource upgrade due very shortly which will probably mean another sell off and depending on the results may be another opportunity. I'm expecting 100m lbs at 240 ish ppm. Anything over that and I'll buy more.
Trying to take some off KMN on strength but it's just a dog and keeps going down. Woof!
Looking at just a few % gain on NSL before I take some off. (if it goes up!)
MAK looks like it might be in the process of a massive rerating on it's Rock Phos potential. If the Flourite PFS comes out with 50Mt in the Qtly, would not be surprised for another kick! Happy to sit back on my holding there.
Where the hell is that NCM and LGL takeover!!!
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