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Trader Paul

EXR alert ... astrostuff update ..... :)

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by , 19th-January-2008 at 10:18 AM (1147 Views)

Hi folks,

EXR has taken a beating this past week, with
a few small gaps on the way down ... this has
given the price action a right-hand bias, since
April 2007 lows .....

..... another bounce off the lows this week,
will give further confirmation to the ellipse,
which has been building, since late-2004.

Looking ahead, to the business end of the chart,
an ascending triangle has been forming, since
April 2007 lows and topside resistance looks
strong around 32 cents ..... beyond that, we are
shooting for 55 cents by mid-February 2009.

Three positive time cycles expected, around 24012008 ...

Fundamentally, EXR has a significant stake in a
well going down right now, offshore Texas, in GOM.

EXR chart may be found, at:


have a great weekend



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