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Low PE producing stocks

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I have recieved a few questions from members lately with regards to what stocks have low PE's.

The following are my pick of the bunch:

AZC - Aus Zircon.
Has recently began mining and yet SP has continued to slide. Forecast EPS of 4 - 6 cps before any production ramp ups put this at a PE of 4

TMR - Tamya Resources.
Has high PE at the moment, but once new copper mine comes online this year (hopefully) and Armenian gold by 2010 you will be looking at huge profits. Reported maiden profit last year and bond arangement for new mine finance so just a matter of time with this one.

IRL - India Resources
Has also just begun mining, Copper concentrate out of the Surda mine in India. Depending on how well production goes and how quickly the ramp it up to full capacity its PE on the surda mine alone is between 2 - 5. Plus holds other investments and lots of exploration targets.

RRT - Record Realty Trust
Not a miner but a low PE of 3 and a div yeild of about 11%. Current price 61c with NTA per share of $1.10. Something doesnt add up, but this will probably be my next buy when i get some cash.

FDY - Findlay Securities
Again, not a miner, but a current PE of 4. The more market turnover there is, the more these guys make, simple as that. Illiquid though, which seems to hurt it at the moment. Once profit anns come through this should change

For more detailed info i suggest you read through each stocks thread.

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