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Trader Paul

Astrostuff ... easy TIME axis analysis ..... :)

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by , 12th-January-2008 at 08:46 AM (1216 Views)

WARNING: Astrostuff ahead .....

Hi folks,

With regard to TIME CYCLES posted for individual stocks, some traders
have asked how to interpret Gann's astroanalysis ... and it's really quite

Markets can only move in 2 directions ... ie ... up or down ... yes???

When a positive time cycle comes into play, then we may expect
market sentiment towards a particular stock to be positive
and price will likely rally .....

..... likewise, when negative time cycles fall into place, then
we may espect market sentiment towards the stock to be
negative and the price will likely fall ..... too easy, eh???

Now, there's a PRICE axis on every chart and a TIME axis that is
rarely analyzed by most chartists ... even though by nature, it
is CONSTANT and therefore easier to analyze.

So, by using Gann's astroanalysis of the TIME axis, we can DOUBLE
the amount of relevant information coming out of any chart, but
unlike PRICE, the TIME axis can be forecast ahead, more easily ...

If we use astroanalysis to CONFIRM our regular TA, then we have
a technical indicator, that is INDEPENDENT of variable price data.

Astroanalysis of the markets was developed early last century, so
for truckloads of information, just google WD Gann and Sepharial.

A$40.oo ephemeris is used to determine, whether time cycles will
likely be positive or negative.

have a great weekend



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