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Trader Paul

TIM alert ... astrostuff update ..... :)

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Hi folks,

TIM ... historically, we have seen short rallies, around 15 January each year
and given the extreme sell-off this year, it would not be surprising to see
a bounce off the lows ... technically, a bounce off 1.02 or thereabouts
would be a good sign for TIM.

Looking ahead, our astroanalysis comes up with some positive cycles,
around 30042008, immediately after lows expected 25-28042008 (???)

For longer term players ... with 5 time cycles in tow, TIM should have some
significant news in May, August and September 2009, particularly around
16092009 ..... that, should be huge for TIM .....

More later .....

have a great day



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  1. pan's Avatar
    Hello paul was wondering how you work out your astrostuff and what your success rates have been like?
  2. Trader Paul's Avatar

    Hi pan,

    .... follow some, as they unfold and check those already
    posted against the charts and you can decide for yourself.

    Astroanalysis was developed by W D Gann and Sepharial,
    in the early-1900s.

    have a great day


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