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BMN topped up

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Topped up a few yesterday which was premature and bought some more this morning. Hope the knife isn't too sharp.

PS, looks like $3.25 may be support but I wouldn't discount further weakness along with the rest of the market. Some more risk looks to being factored in now.

I've got no idea how much further the XAO could go, but I do know that long term the market goes UP!

On this chart, if the market does go lower and BMN push through $3.25, then the last peaks could be a double top and it could possibly be headed to the target which is also good support.
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Updated 18th-December-2007 at 10:47 AM by kennas (added PS and chart)



  1. kennas's Avatar
    Looks to be heading back to the 3.25 support and double top territory. With the RIO rumours of taking Exemplar I doubt it, but market girations could take it down.


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