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Positions Update

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Over the past week:

  • Topped up BMN on awesome drilling results.
  • Topped up HLX on bizaar knee jerk sell off to...nothing Was a great opportunity taken.
  • Topped up KMN on fantastic breakout from long term downtrend/descending triangle.


  • Almost shorted NCM on potential breakdown double top, but it's held up.
  • Holding LGL and NCM as core long term gold holdings.
  • Watching gold for break up or down from coil. Will buy or sell accordingly.
  • Running profit on BMN has reduced quite a bit because of the new shares I've bought in the $3.00s.
  • KMN is in the black at last!!!
  • MAK just floating about aimlessly until the EM survey of West Southdown is released I think.
  • Watching EXM to top up more. Hoping to get some around 4.1.
  • Watching JMS for re-entry. Looks like it found a bottom at 21 ish and I missed it, but I'm still not confident after the Talbot sell down.
  • Trying not to buy to much more as I've delved about $80K into the Margin Loan to top up positions. I think Santa Rally will be a good opportunity to take some profits shortly.
  • Holding current funds long term (20 year investments)
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  1. Gurgler's Avatar
    Thanks for being so generous as to allow us to look over your shoulder. Very educational to see how you evaluate stocks.

    A question: have you any experience/opinion of GOLD - Gold Bullion Securities in terms of a way of investing in gold for the longer term.

    Couldn't attach chart - will email.
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Hi Gurgler, No haven't been there. Just investing in stocks and trading Gold through IG Markets. 'Great Pig' does invest in GOLD though and I think he assumes it pretty much moves with POG. Perhaps you could send him a PM, or post in the Gold thread to get some feedback? Cheers, kennas


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