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Trader Paul

ADI alert ... astrostuff update ... :)

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by , 5th-December-2007 at 01:10 PM (1274 Views)

Hi folks,

ADI ... looks like the lows will be confirmed over
the next couple of weeks, as some VERY POSITIVE
cycles come out to play:

06-13122007 ... steady lift in prices, as market
anticipates the good news ... ???

14-24122007 ... strong rally, as 3 positive
time cycles take affect, with positive
news expected, on the summer solstice 20122007 ...

January 2008 should see underlying positive
sentiment for ADI, until about 25012008.

happy days



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  1. Agentm's Avatar
    your going to be spot on this time....

    paul can i ask if you sometimes trade on these predictions?


  2. Trader Paul's Avatar

    Hi agentm,

    Consistently use astroanalysis as a confirmation tool for
    our regular TA ..... if they agree, then we'll make an
    entry or exit .....

    have a great day


  3. Agentm's Avatar
    i wish you all the best on this one, if ever i have seen a prediction thats 100% spot on, then thats it,, it fits exactly with the sequences as my research tells me.

    its uncanny really, and i hope your able to trade this one if it matches your TA..

    best of luck, i am extremely confident in my investment here, and taking the position i did although high risk, it has one major planet in its alignment.. planet conoco!!

    enjoy the week, and if anyone follows this one, then you may see some amazing preictions come through..

    i saw you have also some insights into AZZ,, i have watched that one for some time,, and i think the value is certainly there, but imho any of the ADI jvp will stagger a few in the coming months..

  4. Trader Paul's Avatar

    Hi folks,

    ADI ... wide bid/offer spread, as market anticipates news,
    expected 20122007 ...

    have a great day


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