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An update

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Whoops ... been a while between drinks!

Since my last post, the following has happened:
- SOLD MLS, RMG, MKY, MGO as part of getting rid of spec stocks.
- SOLD BPO ... going nowhere fast.

All sold either at small profits or breakeven.

Since then I also got out of BEN after only holding for a short while. Made a profit ... something strange going on with the SP. I notice I could've held on longer but eh ... I was losing confidence so got out early. I used the proceeds of the sale to purchase SUN, which I was initially going to buy but the SP was a touch high, now that SUN seems to have reached it's bottom, it represents good value IMHO (esp with the attractive dividend).

I also bought some JMS, for better or worse. My other ore spec player (YML, now BMR) has done well so we'll see how JMS plays out.

And like many others, I watched MHL soar high and then crash down again. Hmmm. Thankfully I bought some time ago before the hysteria set in for the massive SP surge so I'm still trading at a very very slight profit

I also added SPN to my watchlist today. If the SP dips before it goes ex-div, I may buy in ... but I note that it is facing a regulatory reset soon so I might just hold off until that is sorted out (early next year). The buy side is also quite deep and may drag the SP down.

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