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Topped up BMN - again

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Made a bold decision this am and bought more BMN around $3.45 after the open.

Not sure why it was canned at the open, down 8% plus, but looked like an opportunity to me.

Theyll come out with bad news now.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    Damn ETrade did a dodgy with me on this buy. Not sure how.

    I had an order in for few@ market which was about $3.40 (didn't have power etrade at the time, was in an internet cafe in Bolivia) and put it to market and the system accepted the bid. Then, a few minutes later I checked and the buy wasn't processed for some reason, and the stock had gone up to $3.50. So, I went into the order, which was sitting there, and amended it to buy 'at market', which it accepted.

    So, I thought I had bought XX at whatever market was. Next day, go into my account, and I have bought another XX! Double what I was after.

    WTF E Trade!!! Glad it didn't crash...
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