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majix million$

What's Moving NOW!

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WGP - 18c

PDM - 17.5c, up 16.67%

MEO - results due tomorrow. $.125.
Up over 10%.
(hit $1.32c ealier)

Ann. today re PYM
Drilling of Second Well in Raven Project begins

38c (up 1c).

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  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    REY - 14.5c (up 38&#37. WGP - 20c (up over 50%)
  2. moneymajix's Avatar
    PYM up 10+%
    42c and not many sellers... heres hoping...

    MEO - 1.30, 8+% (high $1.32) on top of yesterday's 20% gain.

    ATV at 17c is a bargain. I expect the 30s in the near future. Environmental approvals for a mine expected to be completed in January.
    Gold in Canada - under the radar!
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