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I suppose something to put here may be a list of my current holdings so people know if I'm ramping something I own, or if I'm ramping it for someone else.

Alternatively, if I'm downramping something, and I hold it, someone else is obviously ramping it! See BMN thread for a good example of this.

I'll update things when I buy or sell a stock, and weekly, to reflect portfolio rebalance.

This is obviously not a 'model share portfolio' for the average investor. I have previously held many 'blue chips' in the portfolio but I now use the managed funds to capture those companies. My brother, who is a financial planner, would consider these stock holdings as an abomination, when looked at in isolation. He's happy with the managed funds though, because he's recommended them to me.

I do quite a bit of very short term trading also which won't be captured here and I might put that under another topic.

Note: I am not qualified in anything remotely related to finance, so please, DYOR, get your own advisor, blah, blah, blah...
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Updated 9th-September-2007 at 12:58 PM by kennas



  1. motion's Avatar
    Kennas, Great work, it's interesting to see what other people are interested in and how it works for them. I'm interested in blogs because it's a way of learning and sharing your own thoughts on a general scale...

    I will keep reading your blogs keep up the great graphs....
  2. Joe Blow's Avatar
    Nice work Kennas!

    This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping people would post in here! Interesting stuff, keep it up!
  3. marklar's Avatar
    Thanks for the insight Kennas, I too have moved my trading away from blue chips as I have already got sufficient exposure to them through Super and managed funds. Speccie miners and biotechs have got my attention.
  4. kennas's Avatar
    Bought more NEM today $5.34.
  5. kennas's Avatar
    I doubled my holding in NEM this week with POG breaking $700. I was going to top up LHG and NCM as well but decided to wait for a few days to see what goes on with the US market in general. Looks like there's still potential for further sharp drops in the market in the coming weeks.

    I'm considering taking some off across the board in the comming days, pending market action.

    I've also amended the graphs in the first post to represent my day trading account with IG. That was included in the cash component previously, as I don't leave positions open overnight.

    Cheers! kennas
  6. Joe Blow's Avatar
    Hey Kennas.. Just an idea, but rather than adding a comment to your original blog entry when wishing to expand on it, create a blog category called 'Positions' and then file all of your blog entries under that category so they are easier to find and can be read in context. At the moment all your entries are filed as 'Uncategorised'. You can change a blog entries category by editing it (just click on the pencil! )
  7. kennas's Avatar
    Joe, been trying to find how to put in the category, but can't find the way to it?
  8. Joe Blow's Avatar
    Create your blog categories here: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...php?do=editcat

    Then edit the entries you've already made by clicking on the pencil icon next to each of them. You will see a section where you can change the category of the blog entry.
  9. Miner's Avatar
    Hi Sean

    Greetings for a great Christmas and HNY
    Hope you are well and good to see that you have returned as a moderator.
    Have not seen your blog entry for couple of months.
    Just wanted to say hello and missing your blog entries

  10. kennas's Avatar
    Sorry mate, been very preoccupied with other things away from the net. Really missing full time trading and friends on ASF though. Will be back full time one day soonish I think.
  11. Miner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kennas
    Sorry mate, been very preoccupied with other things away from the net. Really missing full time trading and friends on ASF though. Will be back full time one day soonish I think.
    Not a problemo mate
    All I wanted to bring your attention your postings were missed
    Please take your time and priority should be right
    I could see your posting in ASF thread any way



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