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Positions update

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Since last update:

BMN - Bought a few more around $3.50. Might be too heavy on these now.
EXM - steady, will add on clear break through 4.
HLX - Sold 1/3 at .535, thinking about buying more since it's held up so well.
JMS - Added ave .25
KMN - Grrrrrr, whooof, grrrrooof!
LGL - Steady
NCM - Steady, might add to this on likely correction.
NWE - Sold all for 10% profit.
OXR - Bought and sold for 3% loss.

Watching CBH for break through 60/65. Or, may just stick to trying to find a decent spec...
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  1. So_Cynical's Avatar
    so u like specys hey...the only stock we have in
    common is LGL.

    I found a specy the other day...multiple directors buying, and a new drilling program started in November...they hold alot of good Ground in Ghana.

    Value to at 0.180 http://www.asx.com.au/asx/research/C...on&asxCode=AZM

    What do u reacon?
  2. kennas's Avatar
    Yes, I like specs. It's where all the big money is made. And lost...

    I have managed funds that buy blue chips, why would I bother?

    I'm even thinking of cashing in LGL and NCM to concentrate on the undervalued potential multibaggers atm.

    Will check out Azumah. Cheers.


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