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The benefit to the country Part 2

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I just thought i would follow up with a few things. I seem to have an interest in sociology (does that make me a sociologist?) but it is not a career i would ever follow for a number of reasons.

I just finished watching a program on SBS called 'decadence'. Although it was presented in fairly simple terms, it was still interesting and raised some good points.

The show basically compared the current western culture to the Roman Empire before their fall. Although it is not a new comparison, i feel it is quite apt.

It included Euroupe in its definition of western, although i personally tend to disagree, as through my limited travel experiences, i think Europe has maintained more religous and family values than the US and possibly Australia.

The show went on to state that indulgent, immoral decadance is what is now driving society with everyone striving for that bit more, due to a consumerism based economy.

An interesting point it made was that of instead of financial markets working for us, we now work for the markets. Another point was the fact that what used to be called debt (difficult and bad) is now called credit ('good' and easy).

I think that my previous education idea (last blog), would help towards eliminating some of these issues, although certainly not all. I think that in order to realise how lucky we are, we need to look outside our countries to less fortunate areas of the world.

I guess the point i am trying to make is that although our whole society is based on working and 'owning' more, there are still plenty of ways in which we can be happy, although the vast majority of people do not realise this.

A lot of it comes down to upbringing in my opinion. I have been very fortunate to be shown how lucky we really are. My plan is to work flat out (in a job i enjoy mind you) for the first 10 years of my working life, to hopefully be able to put myself in a position where i can persue my other life goals that make me happy later in life. I am flexible however and realise that not everything goes according to plan, and as long as im happy, and obey basic social norms, then not much else matters. Which is something other people should, but probably wont realise.

Anyway im just rambling now. Comments welcome.


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Updated 25th-September-2007 at 06:13 PM by prawn_86

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  1. moneymajix's Avatar
    Hi Prawn

    I was thinking u have a fair bit of scope for naming your blog.
    Raw prawn, came to mind.

    Interesting reading about decadence.

    You might be interested in a book called
    4-hour work week.


    I thought it was excellent. You don't have to work flat out for 10 years according to the young author, Tim Ferris.

    Less is more.

  2. ellidave's Avatar
    Does anyone know about Sure Track Technologies?


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