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Sold NWE

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I've been waiting for months for this to break up and it's boring me to tears now.

The Puffin mis/dis/puff/information is not want I want to hear from a company.

They may have other projects but have been running on the puffin upside IMO.

Out until there's some clarity.

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  1. doctorj's Avatar
    I agree that increased watercut/reduced flow rate at Puffin is worrying. Not sure why, or if punters can expect a 3x increase in production. Also, I'm not sure what it means for the profitability of the project if they can't increase production.

    Don't write off NWE just yet though. Its worth keeping an eye on for their North Sea drilling.
  2. doctorj's Avatar
    NWE getting smashed down to 23
  3. kennas's Avatar
    21 cents.

    1030 [Dow Jones] AED Oil (AED.AU) continues to tumble in the wake of production disappointment at Puffin NE. Project has encountered water earlier than expected and initial production below expectations. AED now talking about production of 20,000 barrels a day being achievable, where previously had been expecting peak output of 30,000. AED stock has benefited from its sole focus on the Puffin oil project being a pure oil play with exposure to rising prices; now experiencing flipside of its total dependence on Puffin with any disappointment hitting shares. (APW)
    Saved my arese a few $$$


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