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Tipped in for a few today.

I see the struggle for RIO to provide some support for this, plus gold is just running and running away.

Not a short term trade for me but medium term investment.

I'll probably just top up on pull back to support levels at $4.00 and $3.70, if it goes that way.

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  1. Mirage2003's Avatar
    Hi, Kennas

    I love oxr very much, but I sold it today at 4.23. At the end of the trading hour, I really wanted to buy it again at 4.04, but I hesitated. I am afraid I will miss its bullish performance, but the fundamentals look quite gloomy. I am still struggling on whether to buy back or not. Can you share your thought with me? Thank you.

    Best regards

  2. kennas's Avatar
    Hi Mirage, I'm actually having second thoughts on OXR. I was anticipating the fallout from the BHP/RIO thing to provide more support than it has. I might drop out of it myself now as gold looks to going through it's correction finally. Support is at $790 ish and $760 ish for mine. Maybe back in then. Will see what unfolds overnight and tomorrow morning..
  3. Mirage2003's Avatar
    Thanks, Kennas

    I will keep watching it, and pick some good position to top up again.


  4. kennas's Avatar
    Sold OXR.

    Not responding to the BHP hype.

    Looking for something else to park some $$.


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