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It's time to buy BHP.

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Okay this is how it works, BHP and Rio are hand-holders who catch up to each others price, Rio always outperforms BHP in the short-term but BHP starts steaming soon after.

If you're holding Rio, DUMP IT tomorrow and buy only a few more, incase BHP makes a higher offer.

I've checked the premiums now, Rio's P/E has SURGED to 22, while BHP is still 16, there is a LOT of room to make money in BHP!

I'm dumping Rio tomorrow and looking to buy around 2000 shares of BHP.

And hey you never know, Rio could gang up Teck/Xstrata to make a hostile bid for BHP in return - I know that sounds crazy, but BHP making a bid for Rio was NOT conceivable itself in the first place.

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  1. kennas's Avatar
    I'lll definately be looking at BHP soon, once the correction is over.

    I think the supercycle is in tact, and this is a necessary correction after the free money dished out by the banks over the past few years. Well, many years.

    BRIC, then the rest of Latin America (especially Mexico) will run, and then in 100-150 years Africa.

    A very long term boom of resources, with the usual corrections on the way.

    Keep the powder dry to make the most of the opportunities coming up.


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